Year Issued Patent  #  & Inventors Title
2015 9,145,341

Ein-Eli Y., Luder D., Kraytsbrerg A.


Process of Preparing Grignard Reagent
2015 9,159,995

Ein-Eli Y., Macdonald D.,


Silicon-air batteries


2014 8,835,060

Ein-Eli Y.,  Macdonald D.,


Silicon-air batteries


2011 7,964,005

Ein-Eli Y., Starosvetsky D., Abelev E., Rabkin E.,


Copper CMP slurry composition.


2009 7,494,936

Ein-Eli Y., Starosvetsky D., Yahalom J.


Method for electrochemical etching of semiconductor material using positive potential dissolution (PPD) in HF-free solutions.
2003 6,544,686

Ein-Eli Y., Menachem C., Zingerman Y.


Metal-alkaline battery cells with reduced corrosion rates.
1999 5,965,054

McEwen A.B.,

Ein-Eli Y.

Non-aqueous electrolyte for electrical storage devices.


1999 5,962,166

Ein-Eli Y.,

Howard J.W.F.


Ultrahigh voltage mixed valance material.
1999 5, 986,879

Ein-Eli Y., Laura R.


Asymmetric organic alkyl ethyl carbonates for non-aqueous power sources.
1999 5, 994,000

Ein-Eli Y., Laura R.


Organic methyl-carbonate solvents for use in electrolytes for portable power sources.