CAE is engaged in research and development of the following technologies:

Advanced Li-ion battery materials

(5V cathodes, silicon anode spectro-electrochemistry, light weight components)

Advanced Metal-air battery materials technologies

(Si-air, Mg-air, Al-air and Zn-air)

Fuel cells-alkaline and proton exchange membranes technologies

Metal organic compound as active materials in next generation Mg based batteries.

Metals (Cu) semiconductors (Si) corrosion process analysis and develpoment of enviromental friendly corroison inhibitors.
Repassivation transients with the corresponding SEM micrographs presenting the impact craters obtained subsequent to impingement at different angles: (a) 90°, (b) 60°, (c) 45° and (d) 30°. All impingement studies were performed in a 10 g L−1 K-sorbate solution containing 1 g L−1 K2SO4 at a potential of 0.2 VAg/AgCl.






Potassium Sorbate–an Efficient Passivator in Copper Chemical Mechanical Planarization (CMP) Based Slurries, E. Abelev, A. J. Smith, A.W. Hassel and Y. Ein-Eli, Electrochim.  Acta, 52, 5150-5158 (2007).

Copper electroplating in micro and nano-electronics and advanced VLSI.
Copper electroplating on Ta surface from a “single” alkaline injected bath is being described.







Seedless Copper Electroplating on Ta from an Alkaline Activated Bath, D. Starosvetsky, N. Sezin and Y. Ein-Eli, Electrochim. Acta, 82, 367-371 (2012).